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While in school, you were probably told by your teacher to be contented with you have.

Unfortunately, we must accept the fact that more and more women are not contented with the size of their breasts. Bigger and firmer breasts make you more attractive and significantly boost your self-confidence, the very reason why there are a lot of breast enhancing products being sold in the market today.

It is not uncommon to find supplementary drugs and exercise routines that focus on how to make your breasts larger.

However, it is also true that supplementary drugs may contain some risks, while breast enhancing exercises may prove to be ineffective to others. If you want the easiest and most convenient way to make your breasts appear larger, this is what you must try: Bigger breasts bras.

Don’t get it wrong however: Breast enhancing bras do not cause your breasts to grow larger. Breasts are mostly composed of fatty tissues (also known as adipose tissues). Therefore, the more fatty tissues present in your breasts, the larger its size.

The amount of adipose tissues present in breasts is usually determined by genetics, including, age, weight and health.

What bigger breast bras offer you is that it makes your breasts appear to be larger than usual.

When you don’t want to suffer from the risks associated with breast enhancing drugs or surgery, or when you don’t have the luxury of time to do breast enhancing exercises, using bigger breast bras may just be the best option for you.

Here then are some of the most effective types of bra designed to give your breasts a bigger, fuller look:

Foam Padded Bras
The easiest and surefire way to make your breasts appear bigger is by using padded bras. In fact, this is famously used by teenagers who wants to make their small breasts look more mature, hence the famous “padding the bra” trick.

There are a lot of padded bras being offered in the market today, so you won’t have any problem looking for the right padded bra that fits your personal tastes and preferences.

Most padded bras contain molded foams which follow the natural contour of your breasts; these are usually found embedded in the cup itself. By using such kind of bras, you are able to experience a natural and comfortable feel on your breasts. In fact, this kind of padding is commonly used in molded t-shirt bras.

Air Padded Bras
As indicated by the term, air-padded bras utilize air padding instead of foam ones. The advantage of air padded bras is that it enables you to have a more natural feel and appearance.

Air slowly leaks out however, so you have to replace the leaked air from time to time.

Push-up Bras
Push-up bras are similar to padded bras—they make use of pads to make your breast look bigger.

However, the difference is that the pads are designed to lift your breasts from the bottom, resulting to a fuller and well-defined cleavage as compared to ordinary padded bras.

It is a good thing that several bra brands actually offer modified push-ups which gives you the option to combine contour padding and push-up padding according to your preferences.

What is your experience with bra to make the breasts look bigger?


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